For IT  & Non-IT Businesses

  • Business Ideation/Business Plans/Development
  • Growth Assessments -Audits, Financials, Workflows
  • Proposals/Service Agreements/ Development Strategies
  • Business Growth and Organizational Performance
  • Business Performance Indicators, ISO/CMMi /ISAE Implementation
  • Employee and Customer Engagement Strategies
  • Website Development/Branding & Digital Marketing
  • Company Registrations, GST Filings & Taxation Services

For Employee/Individual Mentoring

  • Individual/Team Mentoring
  • Role Enhancement/Career Progression
  • Performance Appraisals/Nurturing
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Organizational roles and Expectations
  • Team Engagement/Conflict Management
  • Growth factors/KRAs/KPIs Enablement

We believe Customers and Employees are core to any business and bringing in the right set of practices sets the business on the right path.

Our Vision and Mission is also aligned to this very concept of helping the organizations to build their Capabilities while strengthening their Customer and Employee Functions.


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