--- Who We Are ---

ENSCONCE  provides services to   STARTUPS and MSME's   from Ideation/Inception through Transformation. ENSCONCE provides Business Process Consulting services – not just Consulting & Mentoring but also hand-holding businesses for their planning and execution needs; help define and enhance their Internal Processes and Execution Strategies.

Other Wing of ENSCONCE mentors Employees/Professionals for Role Progression & Career Growth - validate their current role capabilities,  fill gaps from Communication to Customer Connect to Managerial to Leadership development.

--- How do we help ---

Offload your Professional, Planning, Management and Execution challenges to us and focus on your GROWTH.

We are here to provide growth analysis, highlight critical success factors per past performances, then support Small and Medium Businesses - to Streamline and help through different stages of the business life cycle; control your growth impediments.

For Individuals/professionals, we custom-fit 3-6 engagement programs per their respective needs.

-- Our Mission, Vision & Value System --

To provide Services globally and enable, nurture and empower Professionals, Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises to achieve their vision


To CREATE and SPREAD the culture of Continuous Improvement and further help Individuals and Organizations to accelerate their Growth & Profitability


|| Integrity ||
|| Fidelity ||
|| Customer Delight ||

        -- What to Expect --


  • Organizations and Individuals to get the perspective of holistic growth.
  • View on Inefficient Planning and Processes hurting progress
  • Visibility into Process Wastes, Eliminating them to save effort, time & resources
  • Bring in maturity into your Company or Individual profile and benefit from it
  • Compete on Quality yet follow light weight processes
---  ENSCONCE Team ---

ENSCONCE with its founder having the experience of working with Startups and Corporates brings in the amalgamated experience of Technology and Business to serve the Companies in Startup or MSME Segment. ENSCONCE employees come with Quality mindset and hence are equally meticulous in providing the services to Customers. Ensconce is an active participant in multiple Business & Technology forums which adds itself a flavor to give the best to Businesses & Tech Minds. We have backing of strong & capable teams who provide Tax & CA Services, Business Collateral & Loan Processing Services, Trained Manpower Services; thus providing a holistic approach to your People, Process and Technology needs.