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Virtual Career Workshop,  Kristu Jayanti College, April 28th, 2020

Virtual Career Workshop to discuss career opportunities in the field of Marketing, Analytics, Finance, HR Functions.

Facebook Live, April 26th, 2020

Let us look at the new possibilities, the new Normal. Facebook Webinar Recording @ Link: HERE.

How companies can effectively bring in Change management into their businesses. Browse through the video clippings for an understanding of Business Functions, Business Continuity, the New Normal post COVID situation.

MSME World Summit @ Bengaluru, Mar 2020

A Quick Run of the Event "MSME World AIMWE Summit 2020" can be viewed at Facebook link. Thanks to one and all for making this event a grand success. Special thanks to Mr. Akadas and Mr. Gopinath of MSME-DI, Ms. Padmaja from SIDBI, Ms Tanvi Dorla, Ms. Madhuri Vardhineni and to our volunteers Ms. Disha, Ms. Gayathri and Ms. Punnushree. Congratulations to all the Award winners and Recognized Entrepreneurs. It was a pleasure hosting this event.

FICCI Event @ Mysore, Jan 2020

Wonderful to be part of Mysuru Business community, share MSME Opportunities and exchange thoughts. Thanks to FICCI for bringing the eminent delegates under one roof to share MSME Financing Challlenges and Opportunities.

HR Club Launch Event @ GIBS Business School, Nov 2019

Its been a pleasure and honor to share the dais with eminent delegates for the Panel discussion.. Bringing Academia and Industry closer is the best thing we could do for Next Generation..

MSME Networking Event @91 Springboard, MG Road, 3-5 pm 8th Oct, 2019

ENSCONCE would be speaking on Customer Retention Strategies - B2B and B2C perspectives, Do's and Dont's, Pitfalls and Best Practices.

Would love to host you as part of this Event. Registrations on the Spot. Event is on 8th Oct, 3-5 pm. Please call at +91-8197663366 for more details to attend the event.

Interactive Seminar Organized by FICCI @ Hotel Taj, Sep 2019

Thank you FICCI for inviting to speak  ENSCONCE for the FICCI event for MSME Development & Financing Options for MSMEs - Challenges and Opportunities. It was an honour to share the dias with reputed delegates from MSME-DI, SIDBI, SBI and MSME ministry. Wishing many such successful and game changing events to FICCI.

Swakruta in association with Christ University, Sep 2019

WEBB 2019 - Women Entrepreneurs beyond Boundaries. As the name suggests, WEBB 2019 organized by Swakruta in association with Christ University presented a platform for Women Entrepreneurs to come together for 2 Day Interactive Seminars and Workshops. 

Thank you to Swakruta for hosting ENSCONCE as one of featured presenters in this forum for bringing in Business Growth Perspectives and MSME Financing Options for Women Entreprenuers. It was a pleasure connecting to wonderful aspiring women.

PMI Bangalore Chapter, JUL 2019

Either Disrupt or Get Disrupted!! It was wonderful to be part of PMPC Conference  this 12th and 13th July. Ensconce had the Opportunity to present its Views on the Emerging Trends & Technologies; how it has changed our outlook to Life, Value System from Producers to Consumers. There is a definite need to change the Outlook & bring in the needed Culture top down in the respective Organizations; what managers and leaders should be looking at to embrace Disruption. 

PMI Bangalore Chapter, MAY 2019

Honour to contribute to PMI Bangalore Chapter. Thanks to the audience for an engaging talk on the shift from Customer Relationship Management to Customer Experience Management and the outlook needed for this approach. Looking forward to many more such events with PMI.

REVA Research Conclave, MAY 2019

It was an amazing experience to interact with Research Scholars of CS&IT and ECE across India and evaluate their poster presentations. It was intriguing to see the change they are looking forward to bring in different Industry sectors. Absolutely honored  to be part of this event & share my experiences with them. Congratulations to REVA University for bringing such an effective platform & encouraging the research, entrepreneurial fraternity.  


GIBS B School, MAY 2019

Thanks for inviting GIBS. It was a great connect with your MBA Students at your campus. Was amazed to see the energy of MBA students. Glad to see most of the students are either into business already or have started evaluating their ideas already. ENSCONCE was happy to share its experiences and gyan on the Entrepreneurial journey, nuances of being a Startup or an MSME, respective growth perspectives, the funding options etc.

GIC Meet, New Horizon College of Engineering, MAR 2019

Conference is being held on 9th March at NHCE auditorium. It will showcase 30 Technologies of the decade. Speakers with eminent backgrounds will come and present their views in this forum as part of their Speeches and Panel discussions. ENSCONCE speaks for Customer Journey and Customer Experience.

MSME World Meetup, 17th FEB 2019

Thanks to MSME World (www.msmeworld.org) for giving us the opportunity to be part of this enthusiastic crowd !! "Business Mechanics" Presentation given by ENSCONCE at MSME World Meetup at 91Springboard, MG Road, Bangalore. Here we spoke about Measuring ROI with respect to people functions and services provided by an Organization.

Devops Microservices and Containers day  - 15th Feb 2019 

DevOps Microservices and Containers Day Bangalore” is part of World Developers Summit conference running 14th and 15th Feb, 2018. Ensconce gave a presentation on the topic "Continuous Testing and Strategy" while speaking on the nuances of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment and how Continuous Testing fits into the CI/CD delivery Pipeline.

Selenium Day Event - 31st Jan, 2019 

It makes us tremendously happy and proud to be a supporting partner of 121GWS and participate in the Selenium Day event held in Novotel, Bangalore.  Srividya, Our CEO is one of the speakers here; gave a talk on Continuous Delivery, Challenges and how to best plan for CICD in IT projects.

Day 2 Event: Innovations in Testing - 30th Nov, 2018 

World Developers Summit conference organized on 29 and 30 November, 2018.  Srividya discusses IOT and Connected devices in brief, followed by how Data Transformations have to be looked at in this changing era of data dynamics.

Women Entrepreneurs Day Event - Hosted by Sakkhi - 19th Nov, 2018
Thank you SAKKHI for the honour - for having me come over as Speaker for your event! I thoroughly enjoyed speaking on Entrepreneurial Journey and Digital Marketing concepts for your audience!! It was pleasure meeting you Dr. Amrit Singh (Mrs United Nations, Beauty Pageant and Doctor by Profession), very inspiring to hear from you!
REVA University - 11th Oct, 2018
It was an honour to be part of the Inaugural event for Entrepreneurial launch programme at REVA University. Thank you REVA for having us come as a speaker and share our entrepreneurial experiences. Looking forward for more such interactions.

MSME World Networking Event - 16th Sep, 2018
Our 21st MSME World Meetup: It was an honour to share the dais with Sushma Jaiswal, International Excellence Business Award Winner 2018.

Structured Approach to Managing Customer Needs/Expectations - Repeat Session

With amazing response and request for a Webinar. Ensconce is happy to announce the repeat of the last 25th August Event.

Structured Approach to Managing Customer Needs & Expectations - 25th Aug, 2018

We all love customers. We just do not know how to keep up with their expectations. Repeat Business is the best strategy to keep our costs low on Customer Acquisition - Can I do something about this? Come be part of this interactive workshop improvise your strategies on how to engage and manage customer needs and interactions. Let us do a little bit more to satisfy our customers.

MSME World Networking Event - 19th Aug, 2018
Ensconce had the Opportunity to meet the Zoho Team this 19th Aug as part of this Networking Event! Zoho has come up with Zoho-One which is THE tool which enables Startups to engage better with their Customers.

DevOps Summit, Bangalore - Jul 20th, 2018
Thought Leadership Summit for Practicing DevOps at Enterprise Level.

ENSCONCE presenting Topic - Legacy to Strategy - Ops to DevOps

MSME World MeetUp Presentation - Jul 15th, 2018

ENSCONCE presenting India's Growth Factors and Being an MSME, how would it benefit the organization.

Udyam Sangam - International MSME Day, Jun 27th, 2018
It was an honour for ENSCONCE to be part of this MSME Udyam Sangam Event organised by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated the event & mentioned that the Udyam Sangam-2018 is an important effort in developing effective eco-systems for MSME sector. 

MSME World Meetup Presentation - May 18th, 2018

Srividya from Ensconce giving a Business Presentation on Customer Pain Points, Typical Challenges and how to address these by bringing in Process, People and Technology elements into Practice.