We are committed to providing services and "Satisfaction is guaranteed". Here are typical questions our Customers have asked us in the past.

How are you different from other Service Providers ?

Companies spend a lot on their people and operations and realize later that they have not done enough. ENSCONCE gives a holistic approach to your growth which actually puts us aside among other service providers yet making it affordable for MSMEs.
While we work on improving operations, we also make sure to build the growth mindset in the organizations and help them scale faster.

Do you have customer service ?

Of course! we are available to answer your questions. Please drop us email at info@ensconce.in to understand further your requirement. We do hand holding with regular customer Audits.

How do you help Individuals and Management Professionals ?

For Individuals or Management Professionals, we provide  3-6 month engagement programs from Resume to Presentation/Interview Skills, Soft Skills Training, Professional Development, Role Progression. We customize/discuss a measurable platform month on month to assess progress, to enhance Professional Skills and Competencies. The Focus has always been to assess and enable individuals for Capability Gaps, Role Enhancement, Customer Engagement, KRA-KPI Alignment, Leadership Skills.

Can you please throw some light on the areas of  System and Process Implementation ?

System Implementation refers to a set of repeatable processes which can take place without constant involvement and direction of Business Owners.

Typical Areas where business can implement Business systems and Processes are listed as below:

  • HR Functions - HR Recruitment, People On boarding and Employee Retention
  • Running Finances - Expense Management, Long Term Planning, Company Investments
  • Sales and Marketing Team Approach and Guidelines
  • Business Roadmap/Business Development Strategies/Updates
  • Workforce/Employee Activities - Team Building, Roles and Responsibilities, Performance Checks and Enablers
  • Supply Chain Process or Manufacturing Functions/Process Standardization
  • Manage Vendors and Suppliers
  • Customer Care

How do differentiate your services for Micro or Small or Medium Enterprises ?

Operational and Organizational needs grow and vary as the company scales up. Challenges also differ as you Scale.

Per Scale, Current State and Aspired state of your Company, we tailor our services.

How do you guarantee your Services ?

ENSCONCE brings in the right mix of technology and business expertise. You will find the same level of commitment like other Corporate Service providers.

We have been able to achieve 100% client satisfaction. Our testimonials and customers speak for what we have done.

How do you guarantee the Confidentiality ?

Content/data developed for our Clients are treated Confidential and hence we do not share the information with our new/prospective customers. To showcase our experience, we present a simple/relevant Case Study. Confidentiality is absolutely maintained. Few Case Studies can be found [HERE]

Client Details are not shared without the consent of the Client. We are proud of our Non-Disclosure Agreement commitment given to our clients !

How do you promise the ROI ?

Continuous Improvement is a process in itself and the kind of measures and metrics we put in place helps us knowing the ROI.

Cream Global Companies Toyota, McDonald's, Walmart and others have created their mark globally by keeping up to the emerging and evolving markets; constantly engaging themselves with growing expectations of the Customer; bringing in constant improvements in terms of their systems and processes.

Ensconce firmly believes that Customers and Employees are core to any business and bringing in the right set of practices sets the business on the right path.