Bouquet of Services under One Roof

> People, Process, Quality Enabler
> Building Business Frameworks - IT and Non-IT
> Change Management, Business Transformation
> Leadership and Growth Mentoring
> Company Registrations, Tax and CA Services
> Training - Team Empowerment and Sales enablement

Do not Impede your growth! Have a Scale Up Plan

Ensconce's services are structured and help you define and build a measurable approach to progress; reach higher levels of performance. Engage with us today to understand our change enablers.

ENSCONCE Change Enablers

Business Opportunity: Ideation and MVP Development
Business Planning: Milestone Approach, Growth Factoring
Business Capability Gaps: Operations, Process Compliance
Business Restructuring: Competency Profiling, Business KPIs
Strategic Alignment: Value based Approach, Achieving Scale

Professional Mentoring

We provide Mentoring to Employees and Individuals. Professionals IT and Non-IT, Managers can leverage Ensconce Performance based Approach to enhance and upscale themselves in their respective roles and aspire for higher roles. Soft Skills, Leadership and Management Skill workshops/meetups would be custom tailored to meet the needs of the organizations or individuals.


Roadmap Planning, Strategizing, Execution Plans plays a key role to promote the best course of action to achieve the desired results against high level defined goals of your business. We believe in Value Generation.


Strengthen your Value Chain; build on your Operational Capabilities and eliminate Business Wastes. How are the people and customers engaged. There can be numerous such factors which helps shape your company.

Company Culture

Right value System develops the Organization & its employees over time and the results are visible with every Customer Interaction. Is every one of them are aligned with the Vision and Mission of the company.

CaseStudy - Co-Working Space

They have been in the Co-Working Space business for 3 years in Bangalore and are looking to expand and scale.
> Come up with new and innovative ways to serve our customers
> Optimum Utilization of resources, Ownership at all levels

Roadmap Planning, Right Sizing Strategy, Employee Engagement Strategy

CaseStudy - Repair Services

We are in B2C Segment - about 2 years in business providing repair services for Tablets and Mobiles in Bangalore.
> Unable to leverage suppliers effectively
> Unable to get the best out of the Employees thus impacting the quality of service

Engagement Strategies for Suppliers and Employees, Product Pick and Delivery Strategies

Further ...

Our Experiences and other Customer Case Studies as above can be further discussed to give you a better understanding on how we go about bringing growth element into your business.

Pardon us for not sharing our content/data developed for our customers. We are proud of our Non-Disclosure Agreement commitment given to our customers!